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When should someone be offered palliative care?

At Valleywood Care, we understand that not many topics are as important as palliative care. It’s something that often leads to a wide array of emotions, and at the heart lies the importance of...

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How to care for someone with dementia

Family is an essential part of life, however, when a loved one receives a dementia diagnosis, it can feel like a big change has occurred. The role of a caregiver takes on a new significance, as your...

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Signs Your Elderly Relative Needs Extra Support

As we grow older the need for extra support around our homes becomes more apparent, especially as our loved ones enter their golden years. While you may look to provide that additional care for an...

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Care and Comfort: A Guide to Supported Living

At Valleywood Care, we believe every individual deserves a place to call home, where care and comfort go hand in hand. That’s why we take pride in redefining supported living and setting the...

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A Week in Blackpool for Valleywood Care Clients

At Valleywood Care, we’re proud to provide a comprehensive supported living service that combines the comforts of home with round-the-clock care. We’re committed to providing the highest quality...

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