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Signs Your Elderly Relative Needs Extra Support

As we grow older the need for extra support around our homes becomes more apparent, especially as our loved ones enter their golden years. While you may look to provide that additional care for an elderly relative, we understand that the demands of work, raising a family, or even taking time for yourself can take priority. At Valleywood Care, we recognise the importance of ensuring your loved ones receive the care they need to live a fulfilling life in the comfort of their own homes. We’re proud to deliver a comprehensive range of services of exceptional quality dedicated to the well-being of your loved ones. In this blog, we explore the signs your elderly relative needs extra support and how we can help…

Personal Hygiene Concerns

One of the first signs your elderly relative needs extra support lies in personal care. This is a delicate yet essential aspect of maintaining independence and is something that evolves. Typically, we have an everyday routine, including brushing our teeth, combing our hair and showering. However, the impact of growing older, becoming less mobile, and a possible decline in mental health may cause this to slip.

Approaching personal hygiene concerns requires the utmost respect and understanding, recognising their contribution to the overall well-being and dignity of our loved ones. At Valleywood Care, we’re here to help your loved ones follow a good hygiene routine, supporting with:

  • Bathing and showering
  • Dressing
  • Applying makeup
  • Combing hair
  • Oral hygiene

Household Maintenance

It’s important that our loved ones can keep their independence and enjoy the things they like in the comfort of home. A clean living space not only contributes to their well-being but also safeguards their safety. Recognising signs that may indicate a need for extra support is crucial, and these can include unwashed dishes and an accumulation of dust.

These signs might indicate physical limitations, making it challenging for your loved ones to handle these tasks independently. At Valleywood Care, we take pride in helping your relatives stay on top of their housework. From managing household chores such as laundry and vacuuming to running errands like the weekly shop, we’re here to help ensure your loved ones enjoy a comfortable and safe living environment.

Loss of Appetite and Withdrawal

One of the signs that your elderly relative may need extra support is a noticeable loss of appetite. Several factors could contribute to this decline, such as physical limitations or cognitive challenges:

  • Having trouble holding utensils and cooking
  • Eating unhealthy
  • Forgetting to eat

Furthermore, a loss of appetite can contribute to additional concerns, including a decline in mental health. Your relatives may become more withdrawn and show a reduced interest in social activities and conversations, and this isolation can contribute to feelings of loneliness and depression.

At Valleywood Care, our personalised support and care services are designed to address these concerns. Our dedicated team of support workers can assist your relatives by preparing tasty and nutritious meals, snacks and drinks at times that suit their preferences. Additionally, they help to ensure your loved ones stay socially connected, offering companionship through conversations and activities.

Out of the Ordinary

As we get older, it is natural to experience occasional forgetfulness and lose track of time. However, when this forgetfulness is combined with a sense of general confusion, it can be one of the signs your elderly relative needs extra support. Key indicators of this can include:

  • Unusual sleeping patterns – difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep can indicate underlying issues, especially when combined with other signs of confusion.
  • Repeating things – for example, if your relative repeats themselves or seems unaware of prior conversations.
  • Forgetting to take medication – if your relative begins forgetting prescribed medications, it not only poses a direct risk to their well-being but also signals a potential need for assistance in managing their healthcare needs.
  • Misplacing items – the misplacement of everyday items, such as keys and glasses, can be an early sign of cognitive challenges and indicate a need for support to ensure their safety.

Our friendly support workers understand the importance of addressing these out-of-the-ordinary signs. We aim to provide you and your loved ones peace of mind by offering assistance relating to healthcare and medication management. Whether your relative needs help taking prescribed medications on time or has more complex needs, our team is committed to meeting their physical, social, and emotional requirements with empathy and respect.

Reduced Physical Capability

A decline in mobility is another sign your elderly relative needs extra support. While we understand the importance of helping your loved one remain independent in the comfort of their own homes, challenges can arise when they experience difficulties with their balance, navigating and household chores. As a result of these challenges, accidents can happen.

To ensure your relatives can enjoy the comfort of their own home, Valleywood Care is here to help, providing support with various aspects of daily living. This includes assistance with moving around the house, getting in and out of bed and accompanying them on day trips.

Professional care with a family touch

At Valleywood Care, your loved one’s well-being is our utmost priority, and we’re committed to helping them maintain their independence at home. With a comprehensive range of services available, you can rest assured that your relatives will receive the exceptional quality of care they deserve. Our services are tailored to suit their individual needs and preferences and can be amended should additional requirements arise.

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If you think your elderly relative needs extra support and would like to learn more about Valleywood Care and how we can help, get in touch today. Call us at 01270 588864, or fill out our simple online enquiry form, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.


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