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Supported Living Accommodation

Everyone deserves a happy home where they can feel relaxed, confident and secure. Valleywood Care’s supported living isn’t just about modern, pleasant surroundings. It’s about providing support that fits seamlessly around you and developing rewarding relationships to help build independence and confidence. At Valleywood Care, we offer a comprehensive, supported living service in the Crewe, Wistaston, Rope, Nantwich and Willaston. This service provides a unique combination of comfortable housing and 24/7 care, all in one package.

We support vulnerable adults living with learning disabilities, mental health needs or physical disabilities. Our teams have specialist training to confidently and capably provide the highest quality service for the people we support. Our supported living services empower residents to make their own choices and live as independently as possible within their own homes and the local community. The Care Quality Commission regulates Valleywood Care services, last rated as ‘Good’ in all areas.

What is supported living?

Supported living is a service that helps people with a range of support needs keep their independence while still having that extra practical and emotional support needed to lead completely fulfilled lives in their homes. It’s a good option for people with learning disabilities who want more personal space and autonomy than residential care but struggle to cope at home.

The key difference between supported living services and residential care is that residential care is an “all-inclusive” arrangement for care and accommodation, whereas, in supported living accommodation, you will have your own home and tenancy agreement, often described as having your own front door. People living in residential care will have their own bedroom, but other facilities are shared with communal areas such as the kitchen and lounge. A supported living resident is responsible for their bills and cost of living expenses, such as food, leisure activities and travel fares.

If you choose supported living, you live independently in your own space with the peace of mind of knowing that help is on hand. The Valleywood team will provide tailored support and friendly encouragement that helps people lead more fulfilling lives surrounded by like-minded people. Our supported living service offers 24 hours a day, 7-days-a-week care within self-contained bungalows and houses. Clients can enjoy the comforts of home while receiving the care they need. This model allows us to provide continuous, consistent care from friendly, familiar faces as our dedicated team of support workers rotate shifts at the same location.

We have in-depth conversations with our client, their family and any relevant care professionals to co-create a tailored support plan that reflects their history, current situation and future goals for a happy, rewarding life. A supported living support plan can include tailored personal care, learning new life skills such as managing finances, making new friends, and finding a new hobby or work. For clients needing personal care support, we can help with washing, dressing, going to the toilet and taking medication. Our carers can also help with everyday domestic tasks such as shopping, laundry and meal preparation.

Supported living bungalows and houses

We offer a choice of living environments, including bungalows, houses and shared homes. By understanding each person’s needs and aspirations, our team will help you to find the perfect home. We’re on hand to help sort out tenancy agreements where needed, providing individuals with the security of their own homes.

Moving to supported living can feel like a big step, so we carefully plan each transition to be a smooth and positive experience for each new resident. All of our tenants’ homes are comfortable, modern and can be adapted to meet individual needs. We also use selective assistive technology to maximise independence for residents. Our supported independent living services are located within communities, giving them easy access to local amenities and transport links.

Supported living for vulnerable adults

Valleywood Care’s supported living services for vulnerable adults provide dedicated, person-centred support, enabling people aged 18 or over with learning disabilities, mental health issues and challenging behaviours to live as independently as possible within their own homes and in the local community. We tailor the support provided to meet each resident’s unique needs and ambitions because we believe everyone has the right to live the life they choose for themselves.

Our supported housing helps people play a part in the local community by providing a safe, supportive space to develop skills for more independent living. We encourage everyone to engage in meaningful activities, ensuring a balance of self-care, learning, leisure and potential work-based opportunities. We work together to create individual care plans, identifying personal needs, the outcomes they want in their life, and how our staff will support them in achieving this on their journey. This approach promotes positive risk-taking to increase a client’s confidence and tackle small achievable milestones.

Shared supported living accommodation

We provide shared accommodation for those individuals who want to live independently but aren’t yet ready to live alone. You will have your own private space but benefit from socialising with others, sharing the communal spaces and costs of household bills. We know it’s essential to be surrounded by people you enjoy spending time with, so where individuals express an interest in living with others, we support them by finding suitable housemates with similar lifestyles and interests. This option provides companionship and allows clients to share the experience of supported living with someone who understands their journey.

Supported living bedroom

A summary of our supported living services

  • A range of safe and homely living spaces, including self-contained houses and bungalows, shared living and bespoke options

  • Integrated personal care plans

  • Staff availability 24 hours per day

  • Support with developing daily living skills, independence and accessing the community

  • Well-maintained gardens that are safe and private

  • Staff teams with significant expertise in supporting people with complex needs

  • Integration of assistive technology within properties to maximise independence

  • Support to access education and employment opportunities

  • Central location with access to the broader community and close to amenities

Get in touch for supported living services

Our supported living service offers a unique combination of comfortable housing and high-quality care. All Valleywood Care residents have their own tenancy and receive an individual care plan to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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